Michelle wants to buy a shirt that costs 28$. She has saved $20 and has a store credit of $12 that can apply the cost of the shirt. A store credit is shown as a negative balance on the receipt. Michelle lives in a state that has no sales tax on clothing. Does Michelle have enough money to buy The shirt ?

Accepted Solution

Answer:YesStep-by-step explanation:Cost of the shirt = $ 28Store credit = $ 12Amount that Michelle had saved = $ 20The amount of store credit will be adjusted in the bill i.e. it will be deducted from the price of the shirt.So, the total price that would be shown on the receipt will be:Cost of the shirt:       $ 28Store Credit:            - $ 12Total Amount due :   $ 16Since, Michelle lives in the state where there is no sales tax on clothing, the total amount she need to pay to the store is $ 16 to buy the shirt. She saved $ 20 in total, so yes Michelle can buy the shirt and will still be left with $ 4 in her savings.