please help asap:) 30points The finance department at a regional toy company has been tracking the income and costs of a new line of dolls. They have determined that the income and costs can be modeled by the equations below, where x is the number of dolls sold, in hundreds, and y is the total dollar amount, in thousands.Income: y=0.4x^2 + 3x+ 45Cost: y=1.5x + 20Consider the system of equations that can be used to determine the number of dolls for which the company will break-even.Question: Fill in blankHow many total possible solutions of the form (x,y) are there for this situation? A. No possible solutions B. Two Possible SolutionsC. More than 2 possible solutions D .One possible solution Of any possible solutions of the form (x,y), how many are viable for this situation? A. More than 2 viable solutions B. 2 viable solutions C. 1 viable soltionD.No viable solutions

Accepted Solution

Answer:q#1 Option B.2 possible solution is correct optionQ#2 option c. 1 viable solution is correct option.Step-by-step explanation:Q#1y=4[tex]x^{2}[/tex]+3x+45as this is a quadratic solutionand we know that when we solve a quadratic equation then  it gives two possible solutionshence option b is the correct optionQ#2option c is correct option when we solve an quadratic equation it gives two solution one is positive and other is negative as we know that income cannot be negativehence only one viable solution exists when we solve this y=4[tex]x^{2}[/tex]+3x+45 quadratic equation